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Kicotan Healing Circle

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Kicotan Healing Circle

In today's fast-paced and disconnected world, individuals often find themselves grappling with a profound sense of disconnection from their roots, cultural heritage, and inner selves. The prevailing societal norms often perpetuate a sense of isolation and alienation, leaving many yearning for a deeper, more meaningful connection. This disconnection from one's roots can lead to a range of emotional and spiritual challenges, impacting overall well-being.

There exists a growing desire among individuals to reconnect with their roots, embrace their cultural heritage, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Many seek a space where they can rekindle their spiritual flame, foster a sense of community, and engage in holistic healing practices that address both the emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Enter the Kicotan Healing Circle, a transformative online gathering that occurs twice a month, aligning with the phases of the New Moon and Full Moon. This carefully curated Healing Circle offers a unique opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds to come together, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary challenges. The intention is to provide a space where participants can embark on a journey of self-discovery, cultural reconnection, and holistic healing.

The New Moon Circle: During the New Moon phase, the Indigenous Healing Circle focuses on the initiation of new beginnings and intentions. This phase is particularly conducive to setting intentions for personal growth, healing, and reconnecting with one's cultural roots. The New Moon Circle aims to address the challenges of disconnection and the yearning for a more profound sense of self by creating a supportive environment for participants to explore their desires and set positive intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle.

The Full Moon Circle: As the moon reaches its full luminosity, the Indigenous Healing Circle shifts its focus to the Full Moon phase. This stage is associated with illumination, self-realization, and the release of that which no longer serves. The Full Moon Circle provides a platform for participants to reflect on their progress, celebrate achievements, and release any emotional or spiritual baggage hindering their growth. It serves as a powerful catalyst for personal transformation and healing.

One of the core principles of the Kicotan Healing Circle is inclusivity. All individuals, regardless of their cultural background, are welcome to join this online gathering. The intention is to create a diverse and supportive community where participants can learn from each other's experiences, fostering a sense of unity in diversity. The online format ensures accessibility for a global audience, transcending geographical boundaries and making this healing opportunity available to anyone seeking it.

The Kicotan  Healing Circle is facilitated by Guadalupe, a guide with deep roots in indigenous wisdom and holistic healing practices. Guadalupe brings a wealth of experience to create a safe and nurturing space for participants to explore their cultural connections and embark on a journey of self-discovery. For those eager to participate or seeking more information, Guadalupe can be contacted at

In a world where the pace of life often hinders introspection and connection, the Indigenous Healing Circle stands as a beacon of hope and transformation. By aligning with the natural rhythms of the moon, this online gathering provides a sacred space for individuals to address their challenges, nurture their desires for cultural reconnection and self-discovery, and find holistic solutions for their emotional and spiritual well-being. The Indigenous Healing Circle, with its New Moon and Full Moon Circles, is a testament to the power of community, inclusivity, and ancient wisdom in fostering personal growth and healing in the modern age.

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